Alaska Dispatch News 👍

On January 1, 2016, the Alaska Dispatch News published my guest commentary on the topic of prosecutors who intimidate and strong-arm defendants into pleading gulity. I discuss how defendants often plead out even if innocent as they are typically given their choice of poison - plead guilty to erroneous charges  or face a sham trial where slick, smooth-talking prosecutors often con unsuspecting jurors, resulting in the accused being ripped away from families and thrown in prison for years.

Alaska Dispatch News👍

In February 2015, the Alaska Dispatch News published a commentary by ADN Vice President and former Cordova Mayor Margy Johnson on the Ted Stevens fiasco called, "Sen. Stevens prosecutors walk, and that's a threat to all." She explained how the prosecutors assigned to Stevens were let off scot free with no real punishment despite their egregious acts. The prosecutors of course were the same ones assigned to me who committed the same criminal acts. I commend Alaska Dispatch for their stand, which is a refreshing change from the former Anchorage Daily News who never would have run such an editorial as they worked overtime to protect their friends in government. 

U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board👎

The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board ruled in January 2015 that the conduct of prosecutors in Stevens case (the same were assigned to mine) was the result of "poor judgement," so no disciplinary action was warranted. Yet Stevens judge, Emmet Sullivan saw the opposite when he dismissed Stevens seven felony convictions. Then investigator Schuelke found that the prosecutors deliberately concealed key evidence, the same thing I was subjected to. U.S. Senator Murkowski said she was "aghast" at the board's decision because the prosecutors committed serious ethical lapses and misconduct while breaking important rules and protocols. Prison, instead of a slap on the hand, would have been more appropriate. 

Law Enforcement Examiner👎

Further evidence of corruption at the Justice Department is outlined in a news article from September 2014 by the Law Enforcement Examiner, who refered to the agency as the “Injustice Department." The Examiner writes how a certain telephone conversation exposed Eric Holder’s lawless agency where the department conspired with a certain U.S. senator to sabotage the senate's probe of the Internal Revenue Service. Even the Obama apologist Wall Street Journal now calls the Department of Justice as the “Department of Injustice” after a review of investigator Schuelke's report. 

Yahoo Tech👎

A commentary by Dan Bean, editorial assistant at Yahoo Tech from July 2014, included the headline, “FBI warns that Driverless Cars can be used for evil.” Evil?  The government is worried about new technology being used for “evil” purposes? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black... 

New York Observer 👍

In an article published in the New York Observer on June 19, 2014, author Sidney Powell talks about her recently published book. She describes the atrocious conduct of prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice, including those assigned to my case. Powell discusses how Judge Fletcher of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals "slammed" the decison by District Court Judge John Sedwick (who presided over my trial) for not reversing my case, despite the terrible track record of the prosecutors and their refusal to accept responsibility for the "reprehensible nature of its (the prosecutors) acts and ommissions." Powell notes how Fletcher "expressed outrage" and declared that my case should have been dismissed outright as a way to "deter future illegality" by prosecutors. I thank Sidney Powell for helping expose the truth. 

Atlas Society👍
In an article by the Atlas Society dated May 2, 2014, it was reported that New York Federal Trial Court Judge Jed Rakoff is working to stop the practice of innocent people being coerced by abusive federal prosecutors into "admitting" guilt. The article goes on to discuss how the American Bar Association has established standards for prosecutors requiring that they have a duty to seek justice, not merely a conviction. Judge Rakoff notes how this code demands an "independent, impartial and competent judiciary," something completely void in both U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens case and mine. Rakoff explains how defendants are often threatened with decades in prison, placing them at a huge disadvantage as they're forced to choose between pleading guilty to false charges to avoid the risk of losing at trial and being put away for what could be decades. It's as if a sledge hammer was held over a defendant's head. Our judiciary has sadly evolved into a system of prosecutor power over the accused, resulting in thousands - even tens of thousands - of innocent people being sent to prison for crimes never committed, according to Rakoff. This is precisely what I experienced. I was placed in the impossible position of pleading guilty to a dubious crime over something that never occurred in order to protect my family from FBI intimidation and the threat of losing at my scheduled retrial and being taken away from loved ones for years.
Anchorage Daily News👍
Anchorage Daily News guest columnist Paul Jenkins noted in a piece dated February 9, 2014 how Sen. Mark Begich ..."cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, a threat to this nation's very future..." He's right.  The government's oslaught against Ted Stevens cost him his election by a scant 1% of the vote in 2008, thereby tipping the scales of power to Begich and the Democrats which ultimately resulted in the passage of Obamacare.