A Complete Review

I've written numerous guest columns addressing a variety of subjects pertaining to my case, which have appeared online in the Alaska Dispatch News and The People's Paper. The newspapers can be accessed as follows:   

Alaska Dispatch News: http://www.adn.com/

The People's Paper: http://www.makeasceneak.com/

Topics referenced in my columns include -

  • A Living Nightmare
  • The FBI Raid
  • An Agonizing Wait
  • Grand Jury Deception
  • A "Fugitive" Arrested
  • The Recall Petition
  • My Resignation
  • "Bribed" for $100?
  • A Bullseye on my Back
  • Staged Car Accident?
  • The Perfect Storm
  • A Trial From Hell - Part I
  • A Trial From Hell - Part II
  • Juror Revelations
  • Buying Off a Snitch
  • Ratting Out Others
  • Confronting the Judge
  • Judicial Complaint 
  • Farewell Alaska
  • Locked up in Prison 
  • Presidential Pardon
  • Attorney General Holder: Release Vic
  • The Cheating Prosecutors
  • The Real Bribe
  • Criminal Investigation
  • "The Vic Kohring Catastrophe"
  • Appeal Victory!
  • Plea Deal: Guilty or Not?
  • Why Plead Out?
  • "Legalized" Bribery is Common
  • Two Lives are Devastated
  • Populist Sarah Palin
  • Knowing "Uncle Ted" Stevens
  • WAR: My Loyal Counsel
  • Was my Lawyer Blackmailed?
  • Veco's Bill Allen
  • Defamation Lawsuit
  • A Corrupt Press
  • Conspiracy to Kill Stevens?
  • A Tragic Suicide 
  • Supreme Court Ruling
  • Back Into Battle
  • A Phoenix Rising

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." 

~ John 8:32